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With love M


Look into these eyes if you dare 👄

Grateful for my two fav guys in the world and a perf. weekend. And my lil baby, and all the good energy surrounding me these days. 🌜#gratitudeMonday 🌸


lucas better keep his little mouth shut

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Adios Lucas. .


Soy lo que yo misma he llamado una “arrecha inestable”. Soy muy dura conmigo, de hecho en este momento soy todo menos arrecha, solo inestable. Pero no es mi culpa que en los últimos meses el destino me haya puesto al frente mas historias que en la ultima dedada.

Hoy sigo pensando y escribiendo…


when you spell a word so wrong that spell check is like i dont know what to tell u man

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A penguin of the week with a little gift for you each day~ Start off the week with some penguin positivity! :D

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My answer… Yes

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photo by Ryan Struck

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